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General Information

Players Interested in Playing High School Soccer Please Read

From Crusaders FC President Pete Adame:

To Soccer Enthusiasts in our area,

I have been coaching the Crusaders FC G95 team for 5 years and was a recreational coach in the OUSL prior to that. When my team was developed as a club team, the players chosen were girls that showed promise and great interest in playing soccer as their main sport. These players had no team to play for at the time in the local club arena so the team was structured as an individual team under its own club banner within the OUSL. In 2017 the Crusaders split from OUSL to become Crusaders FC. The Crusaders FC has grown from this single G95 team to what we have today as the Crusaders FC organization.

The realization that was the driving force behind the organizing of a local club in our area was that if our kids wanted to play soccer for their local High School team they would need club soccer experience. Now that my players are in their first year of high school it has come to fruition that if you want to play varsity soccer you need to be playing on a club team. All the players on the girl's teams at St. Joe's, Righetti, and Arroyo Grande High Schools are club level players. I am proud to say that all of my high school age players from the G95 team are playing soccer for their high school JV team with some of them going back and forth with the Varsity teams.

With the expansion of the Crusaders FC and other local clubs into all age groups male and female, it is important for parents and players in the recreational leagues to be aware that the earlier a child starts getting club soccer playing experience, the better their opportunities will be if they have intentions of playing soccer in high school.

Come join us in your quest for a great soccer experience.

Competitive (Club) Soccer

Santa Maria and the surrounding area communities have a significant number of skilled soccer players that often end up playing on teams far outside their local communities on the Central Coast. The Crusaders Futbol Club seeks to provide the opportunity for players and teams on the Central Coast to not only train and develop players locally, but to also compete locally.


Crusaders FC teams have competed in the Central Coast Soccer League (CCSL) since the club's inception. Beginning with the Fall 2012 season, Crusaders FC teams may elect to participate in the Coast Soccer League (CSL) if they desire to compete against teams from the southern areas.

Additionally, all Crusaders FC teams compete in the many different CalSouth sanctioned tournaments in Central and Southern California. CalNorth sanctioned tournaments provide additional options. Each team decides which tournaments they enter.


Costs of playing club soccer varies for each team, but typical costs per year will range between $350 to $550 per player, which would include costs for:

1) Player registration fees (CalSouth Insurance, CalSouth Registration, Club Registration, General Admin Costs) - $100

2) Referee fees for each game

3) League referee bond

4) League circuit fees

5) Club player dues

6) Tournament entry fees (typically two winter tournaments, State Cup, and three to four Spring tournaments; additional tournaments will add costs; travel expenses not included).

7) Club field costs; team field costs

8) Additional trainer fees

Team fundraisers and community partner sponsorships often provide monies to offset costs associated with managing team activites and their expenses. Each team manages their own income & expenses. Club income & expenses are managed by the Crusaders FC Board of Directors.